Work Sharp Pro Staffers Bobby and Robin Shindelar – The Ice Fishing Experts!

With a passion for anything outdoors, Bobby and Robin Shindelar are always eager to share their knowledge and experience with others. The duo stay busy with media appearances on YouTube channels, Northwest Outdoorsman, and Angler West TV. They volunteer their time with many state agency programs that support and maintain resources for ice anglers, such as parking lots, restrooms, and road access. Bobby and Robin enjoy introducing hunting and fishing as a positive and beneficial hobby, dedicating time to youth who are eager to learn and grow their skill set as hunters and fishermen.

On Facebook, you can find theĀ Western Ice Fishing Association, an organization they founded to promote ice fishing in the Western United States. Providing safety training, awareness, and the latest technology developed by the industry, Bobby and Robin are go-to experts to learn best practices and tactics for successful fishing adventures.

When Bobby and Robin are not busy supporting and promoting ice fishing and hunting, they support the Work Sharp brand by conducting knife sharpening seminars. You can find them in select outdoor retailers, and at fishing tournaments, behind a table with our sharpeners and our bold Work Sharp logo.

Bobby and Robin know the importance of a sharp knife, especially in the world of fishing. Upholding the integrity of the meat from a fish requires a razor sharp blade – one that won’t tear at the delicate meat as you clean and portion out your catch. That is why Bobby and Robin recommend having a Guided Field Sharpener in the tackle box, your fishing bib, or carrying pack. It is the perfect sharpening solution to use when at the lake, river, or on the ice. The small compact sharpener allows for in-the-moment sharpening.

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