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On the edge in Australia

Rihana Cary

If you asked me 10 years ago to travel to Australia the answer would have been no. I had always thought of the ‘land down under’ to be the snake mecca of the world. Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) is a real thing, and I most definitely have it. So when my friends Adam and Kimmi Greentree asked me to come and hunt with them in Australia I decided the only way to get over that fear was to conquer it.

Hunting is not what typically draws people to the Island country, Australia is most known for the beautiful white sand beaches, the great barrier reef, tropical rainforests, and vast stretches of uninhabited eucalyptus forests. The native species of the The South Pacific are primarily birds, reptiles, rodents, and marsupials. Large mammals such as red deer, fallow deer, water buffalo, sambar, hogs, and axis deer did not inhabit Australia until they were brought over for hunting purposes over the past 200 years. All non-native animals in Australia are considered invasive species, and are open for hunting without tags year round. So basically a bow hunters paradise. After the first few days of bowhunting hunting with the Greentrees it was apparent that the fallow deer populations thrive in the New South Wales region we were hunting. I have never seen so many deer per square mile. April and May are the rutting months (mating time) for fallow and we hit the end of the rut perfectly. The bucks were still in testosterone overload, fighting each other, and croaking (trying to
attract does in heat) which makes it much easier to call them into shooting range.

Adam, hunting this species all his life, knows what it takes to get the bucks close, and using his mouth to replicate a doe bleat (doe in heat call) was able to call me in a rutting buck to 8 yards. It was the most insane hunt and shot I have ever made. After the shot is when the real work begins. I being the busy person I am pulled out my dull well used knife to field dress the fallow buck, and debone the meat. Lucky for me I remembered that I had put my work sharp field sharpener in my backpack. I was able to sharpen my knife to ensure that I made the perfect cuts in the field and keep the meat clean and pristine. My favorite thing is it adds little weight to my pack. Adam had never seen the field sharpener before and loved it so me being the nice person I am left it in Australia for him. Unfortunately for me I headed to hunt in New Zealand where I definitely could have used it! hahah thanks Adam 🙂


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  1. Just started looking into sharpening knives. I’ve always had someone else sharpen my knives or used the disposable blade knives in the field. I’m going to check out Work Sharp. Hopefully they’re user friendly for a beginner like myself!

  2. First off, you should have left teeth whitener with Adam so he could try to compete with the whiteness of Cam’s teeth. Secondly, I followed your hunt there along with #followherarrow. It was pretty cool to watch and it looked like everybody had an awesome time. Thirdly, I do a ton of back country hunting in Montana And a new knife sharpener would be fantastic for my wife and me! @montanahunt25

  3. My boyfriend got me interested in bow hunting this last year and you are one of my favorite females that I follow and look up to – so thank you!!

  4. Awesome post! Being a novice Hunter, going to Australia would be a dream come true, thanks for sharing! 😀

  5. Great blog! I only thought of Australia as a tropical place and not a great place to hunt! Awesome.

  6. It looked like you and Jessica had an amazing time in Australia and New Zealand! I started hunting just a few years ago and you two are great role models. I am so glad I discovered your instagrams/blogs! I would love to get one of those knife sharpeners too, I don’t have one!

  7. Loved watching your stories from that trip. The whole group was entertaining! You should film it and put out a movie next time.

  8. These tools look awesome ! I could use one tho I’m in Australia also hahah thanks for the good info

  9. I actually just went to Australia and looked all over for Adam, but I never found him! I did run into one of the top 25 most venomous snakes! While I didn’t hunt there, I take lot of hunting trips and this would work great! I was just looking into a sharpener the other day that was similar to these. Never pulled the trigger on one, so one of these would be great!

  10. Im just starting out and stumbled across you on Instagram! You and some of the girls I’ve seen really make me believe in myself and my ability to learn and grow as I venture into this! Thank you!

  11. I followed your guys’ hunt on Adam’s story. You guys looked like you had a blast. I’d love to get over there someday myself, congrats!

  12. Would love to have one of these for this season! Gotta have the right tools for the job 👍🏻

  13. Always necessary to keep you tools sharp and this looks like a great way to do it. I loved following along with you the greentrees and @followherarrow on your hunts down under!

  14. Glad you got to experience our beautiful country! Always enjoy following your posts 👍🏹🔨🔨🔨

  15. Sounds like something I need in my pack too! Hunting season will be here before we know it! Can’t wait!

  16. I always love your posts and love hearing about new products! I’m always looking for new convenient tools to have in my hunting pack and this sounds like a great one! Especially when your in the back country and realize your knives are as sharp as you thought they were lol. Been there, done that and don’t want to do that again lol.

  17. Australia would be an awesome hunt! There has been a few hunts I should have had that sharpener on.

  18. Great article! I’ve had the Ken Onion sharpener on my wishlist since before Christmas last year. Looks awesome!

  19. Interesting info about Australia. I can also understand not having a sharpener when you need it.

  20. Great story! I think portable, one-stop-shop sharpeners are the key to get people into sharpening. Thank you for hosting a giveaway as well!

  21. Love, love, love the story Rihana! You Australian hunting sounds breathtaking and adrenaline pumping. Wish you the best in your travels! And u hope to win the sharpener I am a HUGE worksharp fan. It’s the only one I trust, the others just don’t cut it lol pun intended.

  22. Great article. Started researching a better knife sharpening system. Love the convenience of the field sharpener and trying to wait for Xmas to ask for the Ken Onion electric model. Not a big hunter, but have a few knives for EDC and work (LEO). Think this seems like the way to go to keep things nice and sharp.

  23. Great article. I’ve never used these before, but they look really handy and durable. Thanks

  24. Glad you liked Australia. We are very lucky for bowhunting here as we have no seaaons or tags and can basically hunt all year round. These knife sharpeners by Worksharp tools have definately sparked my interest as an ex slaughtermen in an abbatoir I can appreciate a sharp knife.

  25. Awesome story! I cannot imagine hunting in the land down under! Glad you had the work sharp tool along with you! I have seen them up close, and they look like a handy little tool.

  26. Australia is on my list to go for sure! I’m less worried about the snakes than the giant bugs! Always a good idea to have a sharpener in your pack

  27. To watch the amazing hunting/stalking you all do is beyond belief let alone the biggest inspiration I have seen! It’s only been in the last year I have started stalking and it has become my biggest passion and watching you, kimmie and all the other amazing people you hunt with just makes me more anxious to get in the bush again!

  28. Great post! Definitely makes me wanna just suck it up, get over the fear and go (literally have the same fears of snakes plus some concerns about everything else in Australia that wants to kill you, which seems like everything haha)

  29. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

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