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How To Use A Work Sharp Knife Sharpener

Here’s a great video for learning how to use the Work Sharp Original Knife & Tool Sharpener. We also share how you can revive your old knives, shovels, mower blades, scissors, shears, and more.

Are you having trouble with getting your knives sharp? Check out the 2:30 mark to learn more about the importance of a burr and how this process is the first step to creating a razor sharp edge.

What other information do you want to know? Tell our team what you would like to learn more about with Work Sharp.

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35 thoughts on “How To Use A Work Sharp Knife Sharpener”

  1. Good video with some excellent tips on sharpening.
    Do you recommend using a gum rubber sanding belt cleaner to maintain the belts?
    And also, do you recommend the use of any honing compounds on the purple honing belt?
    Thank you.

    1. No honing compound is needed for the purple belt and we do not recommend cleaners on the belts either. The belts expose new abrasive as they wear, so adding anything to the surface may affect that process. The belts will last on average 80-100 sharpenings before being replaced.

  2. Great sharpening tool and great video on how to use it . Would love to own one for sharpening my knives.

  3. I would like to see videos on how to sharpen lawnmower blades. I would rather use a machine like yours then a bench grinder.

  4. great video,

    How do you know what angle to use when sharpening? Is this sharpener effective on kitchen knives? How often do you need to replace the bands? When purchasing the original sharpener should you also order replacement bands?

    1. This is great for kitchen knives! The belts last from 80-100 sharpenings. Order replacement belts if you think you will be doing a lot of sharpening when you first get your unit. We recommend you use our provided angle guides for outdoor and kitchen knives which will set a determined angle on the blade for you.

  5. GREAT video, especially good if (like me) you’ve had a chance to work with the Work Sharp sharpener and you’re ready to refine your skill.

  6. So the guide takes out any human hand error in aligning the blade and belt??? Why must you stop on the tip of the blade, rather than drawing it right through the belt?

    1. We recommend that you stop the tip of the blade on the belt because if you are using any pressure inward as you pull through, you could risk rounding the tip. Stopping on the belt will eliminate this from possibly happening.

    1. The belt is pulling down on one side and up on the other. You may feel a slight pull. Use very little pressure and let the machine do the work.

  7. Have tried several products for sharpening my knives but haven’t tried the work sharp knife sharpener. Would love to win one so I can compare.

  8. Thanks for the helpful video. I was not getting a proper burr with the 220 belt. Knives are now a whole lot sharper.

  9. Great video, full of tips. I would love to own one of these. I have so many dull blades. Thank you.

  10. Work Sharp,

    I would LOVE to see you create a tool/system specifically for sharpening broadheads (for both fixed and replaceable blade types). Based on the quality of sharpening systems that you already produce (I have several and have also bought them as gifts), I’m sure it would outsell most (if not all) of the other broadhead sharpeners on the market. Thanks for making GREAT products! Keep it going!

  11. Is it bad when your EDC is as sharp as a butter knife? Yes this would be put to use.

  12. Having something that compact that sharpens recurved blades that easy seems too good to be true! What level of polish/grit is available with this?

    1. We have a variety of abrasives available from extra coarse all the way to ultra fine – Depending on which sharpener you choose.

  13. What is the easiest/best way to determine the original, factory blade grind angle? I don’t want to accidentally re-profile the grind.

    1. You will want to check with the manufacturer on the angles they set their blades at.

  14. Work Sharp Knife Sharpening Tool is simply the best companion your knives could ever have! It is quick and easy to use and very affordable. I wasted alot of money trying other tools before I found my Work Sharp.
    Thank You WorkSharp for creating my favorite friend for my favorite tools, my knives.
    At-A-Boy! WORKSHARP!

  15. I hope to get one soon. Everything I’ve seen or heard it’s a great sharpener. It looks like this Company take alot of pride in the products they put out.

    1. Check on our website for where to buy or call our Customer Service team at 1 800 597 6170. You will find one at any nearby Bass Pro or Cabela’s location.

  16. I highly recommend the worksharp knife sharpening tool,The worksharp is portable, easy to use, changing belts Is as easy as 1-2-3 , The belts last a long time, give you a sharp edge every time You can also sharpen scissors, or anything else that needs an edge. Work sharp makes great products!!

    1. Thanks for sharing and we are stoked to hear you get multiple uses out of the tool.

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