The Future Of Hunting With Pro Staffer Taren Weigandt

“I believe that it’s our responsibility as sportsmen to pass on the hunting heritage to the next generation. Like most habits in life, they are learned at an early age. If we can introduce responsible, ethical hunting to kids, it is my hope that they will blossom into the future generations of conservationists! So, I have one question for you. Have you taken a child hunting yet?”

– Taren Weigandt

Meet Taren Weigandt. Taren is the mother of three young children, raising them in the beautiful landscapes of Oregon. Born into a family of hunters and fishermen, Taren enjoys passing the traditions on to her own children and inspiring others to do the same.

Taren and her husband share an obsession with hunting blacktail and Roosevelt bulls, although her passion for hunting began in the footsteps of her father, hunting mule deer. Feeding her family clean, hard earned wild game meat is one of the greatest rewards from a successful hunt. 

When she’s not chasing around her identical twin boys or in the outdoors, Taren is encouraging others to take a child hunting through her outdoor brand, The Future of Hunting.

Recently, Taren spent time with her Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharener. Take a look on her blog: The Future Of Hunting

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Work Sharp is stoked to have Taren as a Pro Staffer and applaud her work as she continues the legacy and tradition of hunting with the younger generation.

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