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Future Grind Master, Colby Barth

Colby Barth is the most recent Future Grind Master to connect with the Work Sharp Team. As a young knife enthusiast who enjoys sharpening knives, Colby shares why a sharp knife is important and the benefits of using a Work Sharp knife sharpener to get high-quality results on the edge of any blade.

Meet Colby Barth

Colby, a 16 year old who lives in Hawaii with his family, first reached out to Work Sharp at the age of 12. His Grandfather had been sharpening knives for his family on a Work Sharp when Colby realized he wanted to master the skill for himself. With his own saved money, Colby bought his first sharpener, the Original Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.

Colby’s career as an avid outdoorsman and knife enthusiast began at age 6. He headed out on his first hunting trip with his Grandfather and since that first trip, Colby spends every weekend out hunting or fishing with family and friends. His adventures have proven that challenges arise when not equipped with a sharp knife. With this important lesson in hand, Colby regularly maintains and sharpens not only his own knives, but for all of his family and friends.

I am a huge fan of the convex edge. It provides a huge advantage compared to a regular edge.

What impressed our team about Colby and why we identify him as a Future Grind Master is his enthusiasm for everything focused around a sharp knife. Colby is a great resource to learn how fix a damaged blade, or the ability to adjust an edge to your liking. When discussing the multiple ways a Work Sharp Knife Sharpener can be used to revitalize a blade or alter a knife to better suit the needs of the user, Colby explained his method for sharpening trail knives.

For me the biggest challenge is getting all the dents out of the edges in trail knives. I usually just grind off the edge with the 80 grit belt until its flat or the dents are gone, then I use the 80 grit to put a new edge on there. Then I and progress up the grits.


Aside from the typical 16-year-old responsibilities of school and household chores, Colby continues spending as much time in outdoors as he can. As the sharpening guru of his family and friends, Colby is expanding his sharpening system with the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpening, Ken Onion Edition and next he is looking into the Blade Grinding Attachment.

Colby’s sharpening experience is impressive for his age and the Work Sharp Team is excited to watch Colby continue to learn and expand his skill set. With the conviction that sharp matters in all tasks that require a sharp knife or tool, Colby is a Future Grind Master who could someday play an important role in the sharpening industry. We can’t wait to see. Until then, Colby’s final advice:

Be creative. Maybe even go out of your comfort zone while sharpening a knife. For example the first time I ground the edge off a knife I was very nervous I would not be able to get the edge back, but now that knife is one of my best knives.

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