Fish Camp

The sixteenth annual Wild West Outdoor Writers Rendezvous (AKA Fish Camp) took place September 16th through the 20th at Peach Beach Campground on the mighty Columbia River. Ed Iman, the creator and man in charge of the event, is a long time walleye guide and outdoor promotions extraordinaire. Ed started Fish Camp with the idea of bringing media and outdoor products together for the purpose of networking opportunities and business relationships.

Some of the best guides in the Northwest show up, and outdoors writers, tournament anglers, and members of the sport fishing industry head out on the Columbia River for none other than, fishing.

Getting out of the office and spending time with our partners in the great outdoors is rewarding – and truly a reason we enjoy what we do! Ben Saurmen, our expert in-house fisherman and social butterfly, headed to camp for his fifth year. Work Sharp has been a sponsor of Fish Camp for many years, and Ben has eagerly participated in the event as our Work Sharp representative.

The product highlighted with our media partners this year at camp was the new Pocket Knife Sharpener – a great sharpening solution for the tackle box.

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